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Instagram Photo Map

Easily show Instagram posts on a map. Simply enter the Instagram username of a public account and generate your map. Whether you want to get some tips for your travels or just want to see what places is your favorite influencer visiting, this is the app for you.

Instagram Photo Map replacement

That's right, this is not a new feature in the world of Instagram, this social app had this functionality back until 2016, but then they decided to remove it because ”it was not widely used”. So now we're bringing it back for all the people missing it.

The photo map is available for all public accounts. Sadly we're not able to get the data of the private account, even if you're following them. Nor is it possible to visualize the posts from a tag, but it is expected to be released in the final version.

Discover the places

See what city person lives in, what neighborhoods they visit and where they've been on holiday. Inspire yourself, discover or plan your trip.

Right now in the beta version we download the last 50 posts of the account and show all posts that have location filled in on the map.

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